Become a Knock Out Collab Partner

We want to partner with you. Let’s work together to grow your business while raising funds for victims of domestic violence.

How does is work?

We promote and share about you and your business to our members. Our members are given a KOAW code to use on your website or in your store.  Your business donates a percentage back to KOAW.  You can be a COLLAB PARTNER for a limited time or become a KOAW Lifetime Partner.

A Few Easy Steps:

1.  We write about you and your business and share with our KOAW mailing list and social media channels.
2.  Your business will be featured on our website for the length of time of your KOAW collab with links to your business.
3.  Expanded circle! We ask our members to share about your business to their followers and friends.
4.  At the end of each month you donate the KOAW portion of your sales to    KOAW.

Interested? E-mail us below!